CAWSECasualty Analysis for Determining Weapon System Effectiveness
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N-Town adheres to the gospel account in portraying the apostles' confusion wrought by their literal interpretation of Christ's figurative language wherein "sleep" connotes "death." When N-Town's Christ first announces his errand to Bethany, however, he takes "sleep" to its logical extension: "The cawse, [thorn]erfore, I thedyr wyl wende / Is for to reyse from bedde expresse / Lazare, pat slepyth, oure althere frende" (25.230-32).
Thus in a letter written by Margaret in Edinburgh, December 1521, she tells Henry how Albany has come (and unlike her English connections in the past) 'vol cawse me to be obayd and answard of my lyfeng'.
MMC Norilsk Nickel has sealed the agreement through its Australian subsidiaries, Norilsk Nickel Avalon Pty Ltd and Norilsk Nickel Cawse Pty Ltd, it said, without disclosing financial details.
(33.) Chisholm, BJ, Potyrailo, RA, Cawse, JN, Shaffer, RE, Brennan, M, Molaison, CA, "Combinatorial Chemistry Methods for Coating Development: V.
Tim then undertook an equally challenging management role at PNG's giant Lihir Gold Mine before relocating back to Cawse as Operations Director where he oversaw the ownership change from USbased OMG to Russian-based Norilsk Nickel.
1) Dawg / ain't 2) anutha 4) reckon 5) 'cawse 6) dis / dat 8) wit' yo' 10) you gone 11) 'ere 12) ol' 15) awready 17) Whaddayou 18) 'tween 23) gotta 24) dunno / ain't never 27) tha 28) e'ry 30) mo' 35) hunga 36) leatha 42) bungla 48) propa 50) 'round 51) fo' 52) watcha 57) gone beatcha The expressions ain't (1), whaddayou (17), gotta (23), dunno (24), and watcha (52) have been commonly used for so long that most American speakers of English would understand them, regardless of their specific background or place of origin.
Christmas came early for youngster Joe Cawse from Maidstone, Kent, who needs a donor, when he met Cruz.
Christmas came early for youngster Joe Cawse, from Maidstone, Kent, who needs a donor, when he met Cruz.
International Resource News-20 October 2008-Norilsk Nickel Announces Cawse Shut In(C)2008 ENPublishing -
Even Margery Kempe, from her subject position as a merchant-estate person who has internalized a satiric antimercantile view of merchants and trade, uses this play on words when God tells her Dowtyr, pu seyst oftyn to me in pi mende pat fiche men han gret cawse to louyn me wel, & pu seyst ryth soth, for pu seyst I haue [??]ovyn hem meche good wher-wyth pei may servyn me & louyn me.
Through the transaction, Norilsk will acquire OMG'sanickel refinery in Finland and its Cawse nickel mine in Western Australia.
cawse in hand." Proof that Grosvenor maintained the standards of