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Furthermore, almost all ritual roles are referred to by a Chinese loan-word: mej koob (meigong) "go-between"; nyaag (niang) "daughter-in-law"; pes (bai) "to kowtow"; phij laaj (pinlang) "best man"; kaav cawv (guanjiu) "butler who has charge of the alcohol", kaav xwm (guanshi) "overseer"; tshwj kaab (chuguan) "in charge of cooking" and if for the bride price, they use a (H)mong word, the dowry is called by a Chinese word: pob phij (baopin) in Mong and phij cuam (pinja) in Hmong.
(68) RPA cawv. The pronunciation must be very similar (in Chinese it is jiu).
What Vang refers to is the period during the wedding ceremony, referred to metaphorically as "bull grazing" (txog tus cawv piam thaj lub caij laij nyug), which is a time to recognize the families and extended families of the groom and bride.