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CAXComputer Aided Everything
CAXCombined Arms Exercise
CAXComputer-Assisted Exercise
CAXCentral Axis (radiotherapy)
CAXComputer-Aided Systems
CAXComputer-Aided Exercise
CAXComputer Aided Exchange (trademark of DaTelCo)
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In an address at the CAX Summit, Prof Oramah questioned the lack of African participation globally in the arts and why Africa continued to play in the periphery 'when Africa is art and Africa created art'.
Moreover, most CAx vendors support 3D representation of items that is the most complex part of the STEP standard.
by X = BU and B = BUAB = XAB it follows that R(X) = R(B), and by C = CAVC = CAX it follows that N(X) = N(C).
(5,6) Following a successful attack in a computer assisted exercise (CAX), a British Army Brigadier noted in the after action review that American military forces do not plan for success.
Europe was seen catching some of the updraft from Asia, with spreadbetters expecting Britain's FTSE .FTSE and France's CAX .FCHI to open 0.1 percent higher, while Germany's DAX .GDAXI was seen opening flat.
"I really didn't know there were going to be poems," says Cax Macatuno, 11.
Due to the advancement in information technology, military exercises may be conducted as computer-assisted exercises (CAX) applying modeling and simulation (Bi-SC 75-2, 2013, p.
Structures of the initial unit cell of alkali-metal and alkaliearth metal cations ([Li.sup.+], [K.sup.+], [Ca.sup.2+]) exchanged X zeolites such as LiX, KX, and CaX (X = [Si.sub.96][Al.sub.96][O.sub.384], Si/Al = 1.0) were constructed according to the results of X-ray crystallographic studies [16-18].
Ten passes are required for the Coursing Ability Advanced (CAA) title, and 25 for Coursing Ability Excellent (CAX).
(29.) Martinez, Alfonso X, 372-5; CAX, 219, "The king ordered that they should make a pledge and do homage to Prince Sancho, his first heir, so that after the days of King Alfonso they would have him as king and lord."