CAYACome As You Are
CAYACentral Area Youth Association (Seattle, WA)
CAYAClean Air Youth Alliance (Philippines)
CAYACommunication Assistance for Young Adults (British Columbia, Canada)
CAYAClarkston Area Youth Assistance (Clarkston, MI)
CAYACommunity Alliance for Youth Action
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Beyond the movie, TEPK team is collaborating with CAYA Constructs to improve access to toilets and ensure their proper use.
CAYA has already set-up 80 community toilets across seven states that are painted with caricatures of Akshay and Bhumi along with educational messages on toilet etiquettes.
CS: When I think of the word queer in relation to what we do at CAYA, I think of it more as a verb than a noun.
SB: Speaking of queering as fucking things up, messing with what is taken as a norm, can I come by CAYA and shoot images of the store blindfolded?
Designed by award-winning architect Chad Oppenheim, the first CAYA property is scheduled to open in 2011.
Our goal with CAYA is to create an evocative, sophisticated hospitality and residential concept where high design, contemporary styling and exciting dining, shopping and entertaining are blended together to create an innovative lifestyle resort community," says Durliat.
Director Cayas also cited the investment opportunities for Korean companies in the various sectors including shipbuilding, automotive manufacturing (including electronic auto-parts), food production, food processing and agribusiness, electronics (including LED modules, printers, ICs, electronic auto parts, among others), energy (including renewable energy), finance and banking, infrastructure and PPP, tourism industry (hotel, resort w/ golf course, Korean retirement village), and other labor-intensive Korean industries (shoes, jewelry, garments).
Our pavilion also highlighted the support services already in place such as real estate, telecom infrastructure, and human resources to support IT-BPM-related business activities in the country, said BOI Director for International Investments Promotion Service Angelica Cayas who headed the Philippine delegation at the CeBIT Fair.
During the investment briefing, BOI Director for International Investments Promotion Service Angelica Cayas also presented before the Japanese delegates the Philippine advantage, showcasing the competitive reasons why Philippines is the investment destination of choice.
The 335 km2 project is comprised of four continuous concessions, La Guara, Leal, Las Cayas and El Piquito, located in the Cretaceous belt of rocks of the Eastern Cordillera.