CAYACome As You Are
CAYACentral Area Youth Association (Seattle, WA)
CAYAClean Air Youth Alliance (Philippines)
CAYACommunication Assistance for Young Adults (British Columbia, Canada)
CAYAClarkston Area Youth Assistance (Clarkston, MI)
CAYACommunity Alliance for Youth Action
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'There are so many stories of migrant workers in Hong Kong-we read them often in newspapers-but their stories often become invisible,' said Caya. 'But hanging our life images on frames will speak more.'
Beyond the movie, TEPK team is collaborating with CAYA Constructs to improve access to toilets and ensure their proper use.
One such multipurpose technology is the one-size-fits-all SILCS diaphragm, which is made of silicone and is sold under the brand name Caya diaphragm.
(5.) Howden KJ, Brockhoff EJ, Caya FD, McLeod LJ, Lavoie M, Ing JD.
Jimmy Caya reminds Tee Bob that Mary Agnes is not to be loved and he admits to Jules that he told Tee Bob "no more than what my daddy told me....
Respecto a las demas organizaciones del sector de la produccion--como la Union de Agricultores de Misiones (UDAM), Asociacion de Productores de la Zona Sur (APAZUR), Federacion Agraria Argentina (FAA), Asociacion Rural Yerbatera Argentina (ARYA), Camara Yerbatera Argentina (CAYA)--los dirigentes y las bases de APAM manifestaron diferencias.
This technique follows the analyses recommended by Kenny and colleagues (2006) for dyadic interval-level variables and has been conducted by other scholars (e.g., Klump, McGue, & Iacono, 2000; Moore, Slane, Mindell, Burt, & Klump, 2011; Vaughn, Colvin, Azria, Caya, & Krzysik, 2001).
Il sera question de reves, d'aspirations, de preoccupations, de cris du cœur et de coups de gueule de celle que la poetesse qualifiait de [beaucoup moins que] l'avenir de l'homme [beaucoup plus grand que].Interroge sur l'importance de cette manifestation, le conteur congolais, Serge Caya, a valorise les efforts de l'association [beaucoup moins que] Le Petit lecteur [beaucoup plus grand que], initiatrice du festival.
Grafton actors include: Madeline Bazinet, Kyra Brown, Ella Bouvier, Valerie Caya, Julia Chaisson, Annika Elves, Belle Geoffroy, April Hartnett, Meghan Hogan, Lauren Leclair, Owen Mathieu, Amanda Murdock, Maggie Mussler, Alina Oetsen, Dylan Rowe, Gwen Sudol, Isabel Urban and Nora Wilson-Pratt.
Gotelli, Brian McGill, Hideyasu Shimadzu, Faye Moyes, Caya Sievers, and Anne E.
Treaty on boundaries between Spain and Portugal from the mouth of the Minho River to the junction of the river Caya with the Guadiana, 1288(906), 244-274.