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CAZCommunications Authority of Zambia
CAZCombustion Appliance Zone
CAZCobar, New South Wales, Australia (airport code)
CAZCentral Activity Zone (UK)
CAZContaminant Attenuation Zone (environmental/waste)
CAZConvenant Arbeidsmarktbeleid Zorgsector (Dutch: Covenant Healthcare Labor; Netherlands)
CAZCursor Azimuth
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Indigenizing and adding value to the cotton value chain--Experience in countries such as Turkey and India showed CAZ that farmers can add value to their cotton, and that they can run ginning operations successfully.
The cooperatives and CAZ will use the business linkages created in Asia and have developed a new self-finance scheme to make farmers independent of ginning companies in the supply of fertilizer and chemicals on loan terms.
Regional collaboration--Due to its international exposure and facilitated interchange with cotton stakeholders in Africa, CAZ was instrumental in forming a subregional collaboration agreement in the cotton sector among cotton stakeholders from Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi (MoZaZiMa).
The chequerboard evaluation was performed with four antibiotics representing four types of antibacterial agents, including AMP [beta]-lactam), CAZ (cephem), LEV (fluoroquinolone) and AZM (macrolide).
In the time-kill analyses, synergy of the combination between TR (1) and CAZ was not fully in agreement with those found in the chequerboard method.
Considering the susceptibility profile of our isolates, all MBL-positive samples were resistant to IPM, CAZ and CPM, including three of these samples also resistant to ATM.
The susceptibility to the others [beta]-lactamic agents, such as CAZ, and resistance to IMP could be explained by a mechanism involving porin loss.
CAZ plus 2-MPA), suggesting that the use of EDTA-based tests, or a combination of tests, would be preferred to increase the sensitivity of these methods to detect the presence of MBL among clinical isolates of P aeruginosa.
CAZ AVI is being developed to treat a broad range of Gram-negative bacterial infections that are increasingly resistant to antibiotics, including multi-drug resistant P.
The CHMP also recommended that CAZ AVI be indicated for the treatment of infections caused by aerobic Gram-negative organisms in adult patients who have limited treatment options.
The CHMPs positive opinion is based on a review of data from an extensive clinical trial programme demonstrating the safety and efficacy of CAZ AVI.
The CHMPs positive opinion on CAZ AVI will now be reviewed by the European Commission (EC), which has the authority to approve medicines for the European Union (EU).