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CAZCommunications Authority of Zambia
CAZCombustion Appliance Zone
CAZCobar, New South Wales, Australia (airport code)
CAZCentral Activity Zone (UK)
CAZContaminant Attenuation Zone (environmental/waste)
CAZConvenant Arbeidsmarktbeleid Zorgsector (Dutch: Covenant Healthcare Labor; Netherlands)
CAZCursor Azimuth
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Combinations of Brazilein (2) with the antibiotics AZM, GEN and CAZ showed less frequencies of synergy of 2-7 isolates (n = 10) and more of additivity or indifference.
18, while combinations of 2/GEN (and CAZ), and 3/GEN (AMK, CAZ and CFZ) showed additively bactericidal against MRSA with [DELTA][LC.
25 equal to] 32 Strain CAZ AZM MRSA 008 512 8192 MRSA 082 512 8192 MRSA 092 512 8192 MRSA 098 512 8192 MRSA 111 512 4096 MRSA 135 512 8192 MRSA 144 512 8192 MRSA 189 256 8192 MRSA 321 512 8192 MRSA 328 512 8192 Range 256-512 4096-8192 50% (n = 10) (b) 512 8192 90% (n = 10) (c) 512 8192 MIC S [less than or [less than or equal to] 8 equal to] 2 Interp.
Building on the linkages created by ITC, CAZ was able to change the cotton sector in a number of ways:
Farmer empowerment--Knowledge gained from farmer groups in China, India and Turkey, as well as in Africa, enabled CAZ to change the fundamental power structures whereby cotton farmers now have a greater say in critical issues affecting the industry, such as pricing and contract negotiations.
Indigenizing and adding value to the cotton value chain--Experience in countries such as Turkey and India showed CAZ that farmers can add value to their cotton, and that they can run ginning operations successfully.
1] MBC Nt (c) nt nt nt AMP MIC 64 128 32 64 MBC 512 512 256 256 CAZ MIC 256 512 128 512 MBC m[x.
LEV, CAZ and AZM, respectively against MRA 004 (one of the 10 isolates) were shown in Fig.
The chequerboard evaluation was performed with four antibiotics representing four types of antibacterial agents, including AMP [beta]-lactam), CAZ (cephem), LEV (fluoroquinolone) and AZM (macrolide).
To date, GXT has been awarded WAZ and CAZ data processing contracts covering more than 10,000 km2 of acreage (equivalent to ~500 Gulf of Mexico lease blocks) worldwide.
Our Cornerstone Portfolio has a sophisticated and deliberate stock selection process," explained Christopher Zook, chairman and chief investment officer of CAZ Investments.
CAZ Investments, an investment adviser pursuant to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, is a Houston-based wealth management firm providing private asset management services to institutional investors and high-net-worth families.