CBAACCentre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (Nigeria)
CBAACCommercial Business and Aviation Advisory Circular (Canada)
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CBAAC and the Challenges of Protecting Black and African People's Cultural Expression and Folklore, Accent on Video Productions from FESTAC and other Documentation Materials.
2, 2011, "Colonial Rule and the Selection Process of Traditional Rulers: An Assessment of the Odemo and Akran Royal Stools" in Tunde Babawale et al, The Chieftaincy Institution in Nigeria, Lagos: CBAAC, 2010 as well as "Mainstreaming African Strategic Thought: An Assessment of Pre Colonial Yoruba Strategic Thoughts".
We are not having these types of conferences among Black people in Asia, we have them in Africa--conferences by CBAAC (Centre for Black Arts and Civilization), the work of Panafstrag (Pan-African Strategy) and I guess even FeelNubia on different levels, but when it comes to African people in many other parts of the world that I have been to, what I find so intriguing is that we don't have black organizations per say, we don't have Pan-Africanist movements to address these issues and its interesting because I have not given it much thought until right now.