CBAFCoastal Bend AIDS Foundation (Corpus Christi, TX)
CBAFCastle Bromwich Aircraft Factory (Castle Bromwich, West Midlands, England, UK)
CBAFCoventry Black Arts Forum
CBAFCoal, Biomass and Alternative Fuels (International Gas Turbine Institute)
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As noted above, the CBAF has aimed to attract members deterred from joining the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce.
Table 1 Wellington Chamber of Commerce and CBAF: Employment Size Number of Staff Employed Chamber of Commerce CBAF % % 0- 5 49.3 83.3 6-10 20.8 8.5 11-20 12.4 4.2 21-50 10.9 2.8 50+ 6.6 - Table 2 Wellington Chamber of Commerce and CBAF: Industry Distribution; Membership and Sample Comparison Chamber of Commerce CBAF Membership(*) Sample Membership Sample % % % % Financial, Insurance, 37.0 40.1 15.7 8.5 Real Estate and Business Service Other Service 9.5 19.7 - - Wholesale and Retail 21.8 17.9 21.8 18.3 Trade Transport and 10.1 8.0 2.0 4.2 Communication Building, Construction 4.1 7.3 25.5 - Manufacturing 11.8 5.5 31.0 61.9 Agriculture, Fishing and 3.8 1.1 4.0 7 Forestry Other 1.8 0.4 - - (*) Membership as at 21/3/92
Almost 70 per cent of the CBAF sample saw this need and 62 per cent in the case of the Chamber of Commerce.
The proportion of CBAF respondents indicating that they had made useful contacts was 13 per cent, suggesting marginaly less success than in Wellington.
Based on these data, this study aims to analyze the financial value invested per inhabitant / year in Brazilian municipalities for the procurement of CBAF drugs, according to population size and geographic region, and to contribute to the discussion on the financing of pharmaceutical services in primary care.
The study's collected data from the period July 2013-June 2014 and records of procurement containing drugs and supplies from Annexes I and IV of RENAME 8th edition (17), referring to the CBAF were considered.
Of the municipalities selected, records containing MS centralized drugs procurement, products recorded as donation and items whose unit value multiplied by the quantity purchased was higher than the total annual resource that the municipality should have to purchase medicines and CBAF supplies were excluded.
Records referring to the procurement of medicines and supplies of the CBAF in 1,801 municipalities were identified from BNDAF's data.