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CBASECollege Basic Academic Subjects Examination
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However, only 144 participants were included in the study, because these teacher candidates had all the information reported for CBASE, overall GPA, CORE, RVE, VCLAR, VCLAW, and Praxis II: EEMS test scores.
The instruments are CBASE, CORE test, Praxis II EEMS test, RVE, VCLAR, and VCLAW.
CBASE. The CBASE was a mandated test that was part of the licensure program at the research setting university.
Do scores of CBASE: English, CBASE: Mathematics, CBASE: Science and CBASE: History relate to teacher candidates' success on Praxis II: EEMS test in reading, mathematics, science, and social studies.
The density plot has a positive skew, suggesting that in the CBASE data, there are more high achieving students ([??] > 2) than low achieving students ([??] < -2).
TABLE 1: Posterior estimates and Monte Carlo standard errors (MCSEs) for the first 10 items in the CBASE data.
The main focus of the test is on CBASE scores in the four content areas (i.e., English, mathematics, science, and social studies) plus a Composite score that combined all four subject tests.
The study had five dependent variables, including the four subject scores on the CBASE (i.e., English, mathematics, science, and social studies), and a composite score that combined all four subject tests.
Furthermore, in our sample the self-reported measures appeared to have simple correlations with CBASE scores that were both reasonable in magnitude and consistent with previous evidence (e.g., Pascarella & Terenzini, 1991).
Em T2 e T3, durante a fase de hidratacao, nos animais do grupo RL, houve um aumento significativo da cBase (P=0,028), demonstrando a acao alcalinizante da solucao Ringer lactato (Tabela 1).
Nos tratamentos RS e GF, ocorreu uma pequena diminuicao da cBase (Tabela 1), evideciando a tendencia acidificante das solucoes glicofisiologica e Ringer simples, confirmando o que foi descrito anteriormente.