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CBATCentral Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (IAU)
CBATCommon Battlefield Airmen Training
CBATCommunity Based Acute Treatment
CBATColumn Based Analytical Technology
CBATComputer-Based Aid for Troubleshooting
CBATCapabilities-Based Assessment Team
CBATCognitive Behavioral Affective Therapy
CBATChemical/Biological Assistance Team
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Performing a weekly audit using the CBAT form captured gaps and helped resolve issues as they arose.
Ephemerides for these can be found on the CBAT World Wide Web pages.
2008), the third and the estimated sixtieth session (which occurred two years after the beginning of therapy) of CBAT treatment with a ten-year-old boy who displayed oppositional defiant behavior were coded using the SiMCCIT.
While the Air Force developed a mission statement for CBAT before canceling the program, it did not establish clear goals and an implementation strategy with timelines, in accordance with management-framework best practices.
The reason we're doing CBAT, really, is that it's the chief's vision," Looney said at a news conference.
The influence of human metabolic half-lives on CBAT shape was evaluated for a hypothetical chemical of log [K.
CBAT is a powerful engine that sits within an extremely flexible development environment meaning that the application modules can be specifically customized to meet the exact needs of vertical markets and individual customers.
Nike is already a long-term partner with the Brazilian Football Federation, CBF; the Brazilian Basketball Federation, CBB; and the Brazilian Track and Field Federation CBAT, besides several national clubs and athletes.
The naming of the new organisation marks the completion of merger formalities between two of Wales' leading public arts organisations, CBAT, the Arts & Regeneration Agency and Cywaith Cymru - Artworks Wales, which have been operating under the temporary name of Public Art Wales.
CBAT a high-speed, detail-level data analysis technology, is claimed to enable solutions to maintain rapid response times as data volumes increase, is quick to deploy, easy to administer, and runs on ordinary hardware systems.