CBBMCenter for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing of Macromolecules (Polytechnic University)
CBBMColorblindness, Blue-Mono-Cone-Monochromatic Type
CBBMBlue Cone Monochromatism
CBBMCongresso Brasileiro de Biologia Marinha (Brazilian Congress of Sea Biology)
CBBMCenter of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (University of Antofagasta, Chile)
CBBMComando de Bombeiros da Brigada Militar (Portugese: Command of Firemen of the Military Brigade)
CBBMCertified Bank Branch Manager
CBBMCentro de Biotecnología y Biología Molecular (Center of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology)
CBBMCommunity-Based Biodiversity Management
CBBMComptoir Barillet Bois et Matériaux (French)
CBBMCompañerismo Bautista Bíblico de México (Spanish)
CBBMCrash Bang Booking & Management (Denmark)
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The two limits aforementioned in the previous section can be overcome with the first computer routine we developed to carry out automatically an original statistical treatment combining the ANOVA with the CBBM (we called "Bootstraped ANOVA") taking into consideration more than a hundred of roughness parameters.
However, such an analysis remains usual and it is proposed in this investigation to combine again the CBBM to assess the relevance of the selected correlation model whether it is linear or not.
The 3rd CBBM had the attendance of 1,470 delegates, who presented 558 studies as posters and 70 talk presentations.
A key-activity of the 3rd CBBM was the publication of full papers presented at the Congress.