CBBRCredit Bureau of Baton Rouge
CBBRChina Britain Business Resources (Oxford, England, UK)
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The 10 selected participants came from four levels of government (District, Provincial Departments, Provincial People's Committee, and National Government), representing relevant technical and administrative agencies of the CBBR.
In order to carry out a successful implementation of the learning laboratory for sustainability it is essential to first understand the main components, interactions, drivers and dynamics of the CBBR system.
Nevertheless, the development of this model, and subsequently an advanced systems model of CBBR, has served several well-defined purposes as mentioned in the discussion section of this paper.
A follow up workshop was conducted (in Hai Phong city in May 2009) with the main objectives to identify key leverage points and intervention strategies (based on the systems model of CBBR) that could guide the identification of future projects across the CBBR in a systemic way.
The systems model (Figure 5) represents a 'big picture' of the CBBR system and provides a powerful platform for learning, collaboration and collective decision making for various stakeholders including policy makers, managers, and community representatives.
The systems model has been used to identify key research areas and possible alliances as well as to create a collaborative platform for natural resource management and social, economic and environmental development in the CBBR.
The development of a further advanced systems model of the CBBR will also address the four main action areas of the Madrid Action Plan for Biosphere Reserves (2008-2013; UNESCO, 2008).
In the CBBR pilot project, stakeholders in the management cycle include managers (e.