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CBBSCalifornia Blood Bank Society
CBBSComputerized Bulletin Board System
CBBSCalifornia Board of Behavioral Sciences
CBBSCollege of Business and Behavioral Science
CBBSClaim Beoordelings- en Borgings Systeem (Dutch)
CBBSCommunity Bulletin Board System (online community)
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MBS (2-morpholinothiobenzothiazole), a chemical that forms the secondary amine morpholine, generates the nitrosamine NMOR (N-nitrosomorpholine), while CBBS generates the primary amine cyclohexylamine, which does not yield a nitrosamine.
Typical properties of TBzTD and CBBS are shown in table 2.
The foundation for Calnet's ACH Management -- the CBBS platform -- was built using the Unified Transaction Model(TM), which makes it simple to automatically generate all information associated with a monetary transaction.
CBBS uses an XML interface that allows the client's environment to be run on any platform and written in any software language.
With the CBBS platform, Calnet is providing the basis for limitless innovation," says Bob Wood, the Bank's Chief Technology Officer.
To properly reflect the name of the Company, the Company's ticker symbol has also changed from CBBS to MCPY.