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CBBSCalifornia Blood Bank Society
CBBSComputerized Bulletin Board System
CBBSCalifornia Board of Behavioral Sciences
CBBSCollege of Business and Behavioral Science
CBBSClaim Beoordelings- en Borgings Systeem (Dutch)
CBBSCommunity Bulletin Board System (online community)
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Typical properties of TBzTD and CBBS are shown in table 2.
In the tire model compound shown in table 3, two typical tire cure systems, one using MBS alone, the other using MBS/TMTD, are compared to CBBS and CBBS/TBzTD systems.
Data on scorch and cure rate characteristics (figure 1), showed CBBS to compare favorably with the MBS cure system, while the CBBS/TBzTD system had slightly better scorch.