CBCOCommunity Blood Center of the Ozarks
CBCOCertified Building Code Official (various organizations)
CBCOcertified bank compliance officer
CBCOCoxo-Basal Chordotonal Organ (physiology)
CBCOCommunity-Based Care for Orphans
CBCOChief Building Control Officer
CBCOComprehensive Breast Center of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, OK)
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They also educate participants, in which case, CBCOs have a built-in constituency, albeit one that is diverse and does not automatically share particular movement values, either conservative or progressive.
The court's decision did not turn at all upon interpreting "necessary in the public interest" to mean more than "in the public interest": It was clear the Commission failed to justify the NTSO and the CBCO Rules under either standard.
3d at 541 ("Even if 'necessary in the public interest' means simply 'continues to serve the public interest,' for the reasons given above and below, the Commission's decision not to repeal or to modify the NTSO and the CBCO Rules cannot stand.
The merger agreement has been unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both FFBI and CBCO and is subject to CBCO shareholder approval, customary closing conditions, and regulatory approval and is expected to close late in the first quarter of 2018.