CBDACalifornia Bay-Delta Authority
CBDACalifornia Band Directors Association
CBDAChina Building Decoration Association
CBDACentral Business District Association
CBDAChhattisgarh Biofuel Development Authority
CBDACase-Based Design Aid (architecture)
CBDACommunity-Based Distribution Agent
CBDAContractor Business Development Association
CBDAChemical and Biological Defense Agency
CBDACanadian Broadcast Distribution Association (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
CBDAColorado Beer Distributors Association
CBDACorrosion-Based Design Approach
CBDACrimean Business Development Agency
CBDACalifornia Breach Disclosure Act
CBDAC++ Builder Database Architecture
CBDACommunity-Based Development Agent
CBDAC.B. Dance Academy (Canada)
CBDAConstruction Business Development Association (Dayton, Ohio)
CBDAClassroom-Based Dialect Awareness
CBDACommunity-Based Distributers Assistants
CBDACommonwealth of the Bahamas Darts Association
CBDACommunity-Based Development Association
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Moreover, members of the CBA and CBDA are as heterogeneous as the communities involved.
This kind of organisation has an economic end and despite links with the CBA, CBDA and Rural Workers' Unions, they are open to working with different communities of the municipio or other areas.
In Maplewood's dealings with another clinical laboratory customer, the lawsuit alleges that "In approximately November 2011, Maplewood sold CBDA Products for inspection readiness and staff competency to the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale ('Mayo'), a nationally-prominent health system.
In another example of the alleged failures of Maplewood to deliver acceptable software products and customer set-up, training, and follow-up service, the lawsuit claims that "In January 2012, the medical laboratory division of Fairview Health System (Fairview), a nationally prominent health system in Minneapolis, Minnesota, purchased CBDA Products for use in laboratory staff scheduling for 850 employees at the laboratories of Fairview's 13 hospitals.
The co-chairs of the CBDA board should be high-ranking officials in the state and federal administrations.
The CBDA board should be given a prominent advisory role in the decision-making process but should not be given policymaking authority.
Nas ultimas olimpiadas em Atenas 2004, alcancaram cinco finais, tres delas com mulheres--que tiveram uma presenca recorde na equipe, com oito nadadoras (COB, 2005; CBDA, 2005).
The workshop will begin with introductory comments from DWR Director Lester Snow and CBDA Director Patrick Wright.
Workshop Tuesday December 7, 2004 1pm-3pm CBDA Bay-Delta Room 650 Capitol Mall Sacramento, CA 95814
In addition to its "Adopt A GreenSpace" sponsorship, Rite Aid has applied and been accepted for membership in the CBDA as a continuation of its community efforts in the Detroit market.
Finally, three numerical examples are illustrated to display the functions of CBDAS and SRMCS and of the combination of the two programs: (1) in the first example, the time-variant performance of a reinforced concrete continuous bridge under chloride-induced corrosion is evaluated by means of CBDAS; (2) in the second example, the procedure for computing the system reliability of a two-story truss is displayed in terms of SRMCS; and (3) in the third example, the time-variant system reliability of the same model as the first example is investigated by combining CBDAS with SRMCS.