CBDECommon Bile Duct Exploration
CBDECertified Business Development Expert (program)
CBDECarbonated Beverage Dispenser Evaluation
CBDEChemical & Biological Defense Establishment
CBDEColorado Board of Dental Examiners (Department of Regulatory Agencies)
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It's a request [for] authorization to conduct the CBDE that will cost this amount of money which is not allocated in our yearly budget.
Editor's note: Since the interview the Ministry of Finance has declined the request and CAS will reconsider the CBDE project next year.
I know that, for example, the CBDE project should take two years of preparation.
"As bad as these results are for CBDE now, the worse may be yet to come," said Keith Lillimoe, M.D., FACS.
Livingston investigated common bile duct explorations (CBDEs) to see whether the resident's situation was unusual.
There were 47,000 CBDEs in 1979, but by 2001, only 7,700 were performed.
(22.) Commenter also repeated an allegation considered in Applicants' application to acquire CBPA and CBDE (the "Mellon proposal") that Applicants indirectly support predatory lending by a number of unaffiliated consumer lenders through the securitization activities and warehouse lending services of Applicants' subsidiary, Greenwich Capital Markets, Greenwich, Connecticut ("GCM").
of patients % Wall thickening 33 94.2 Stones 29 82.8 Sludge 6 17.1 No gall bladder 1 2.85 Dilation of Intrahepatic ducts 35 100 Table 3: Open procedure Procedure Number (n = 28) % CBDE + T-tube Closure 22 78.5 CBDE + Choledochoduodenostomy 4 14.2 CBDE + Choledochojejunostomy 2 7.14