CBDIComponent Based Development and Integration
CBDIChild Beck Depression Inventory
CBDIChinese Version of the Beck Depression Inventory (depression screening)
CBDICitihomes Builders and Development, Inc. (Philippines)
CBDICommunity Based Drugs Initiative (Ireland and UK)
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In summary, the research with the CBDI supports the use of actual performance tests with other assessments (e.
To be protected, physicians must base decisions about driving on validated tests such as the CBDI, rather than on their experience or intuition.
They supported the earlier conclusions that some older patients may have skills at the practical and strategic levels that might allow them to compensate for the operational shortcomings measured by the CBDI.
Lu was first author, Xuelian He (MD, a postdoctoral fellow), of the CBDI at Cincinnati Children's and the West China Second Hospital, Sichuan University, in Chengdu, China.
Editors may request the October CBDI Journal from media contacts.
Over the next 3 months, Everware-CBDI will facilitate a metamodel review and refinement process with input from the CBDI Forum worldwide membership comprising architects from many of the world's largest corporations, governments and the software industry.
CBDI recently introduced education offerings which have been developed specifically to provide best practices and guidance in Service Oriented Architecture during all phases of project or program activity.
CBDI Forum provides a focus for the industry on best practice in business software creation, reuse and management, specializing in Service- and Component-based approaches including Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
A new report from independent analyst firm CBDI highlights LogicLibrary(R), the leading provider of software development asset (SDA) management tools, for its comprehensive approach to simplifying the complex task of component-based development (CBD) and management.
LogicLibrary demonstrates a comprehensive approach to managing this hugely complex task," said Lawrence Wilkes, principal analyst at CBDI.
This is an important piece in the broader picture of the agile business," said David Sprott, CEO of analyst firm, CBDI Forum.
According to Jonathan Stephenson an analyst with CBDI, "Water represents an opportunity to clean up the mess of scripts and languages used to build interactive Web applications.