CBDRRCCommon but Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capabilities (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change)
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(46.) See generally Daniel Bodansky, " The Durban Platform Negotiations: Goals and Options" 2-3 (2012) http://belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/files/bodansky_durban2_vp.pdf [https://perma.cc/XR48-DBLIL] (analyzing the elements of the Durban Platform and the possible role that a new instrument might play) Bodansky highlights the "dramatic departure" in Durban "from the Kyoto Protocol negotiating mandate, which had categorically excluded any new commitments for developing countries," and notes that the negotiated Durban Platform made "no reference to the principle of equity or the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities (CBDRRC)," nor repeated "the Convention's language that developed countries should 'take the lead' in combating climate change." Id.