CBEMCommon Baltic Electricity Market
CBEMCommercial Bank Examination Manual (Federal Reserve Board)
CBEMComic Book Electronic Magazine
CBEMCapacity Building for Environmental Management (building projects; various locations)
CBEMCommunity-Based Ecotourism Management (economic development project; Mexico)
CBEMConservation Biology and Ecosystem Management (University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI)
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The improved correlation of the proposed CBEM metric with the recognition accuracy can be obtained only due to the optimization of weighting coefficients as the PCC value achieved for the unweighted version of the CBEM is lower even than for the use of single DRD or PSNR metric.
The Court held that "[a]lthough in Commercial Solvents v Commission and CBEM, cited above, the Court of Justice held the refusal by an undertaking holding a dominant position in a given market to supply an undertaking with which it was in competition in a neighbouring market with raw materials (Commercial Solvents v Commission, paragraph 25) and services (CBEM, paragraph 26) respectively, which were indispensable to carrying on the rival's business, to constitute an abuse, it should be noted, first, that the Court did so to the extent that the conduct in question was likely to eliminate all competition on the part of that undertaking.
Reusken CBEM, Haagmans BL, Muller MA, Gutierrez C, Godeke G-J, Meyer B, et al.
Haagmans BL, Al Dhahiry SHS, Reusken CBEM, Raj VS, Galiano M, Myers R, et al.