CBEPCommunity-Based Environmental Protection (US EPA)
CBEPCasco Bay Estuary Partnership (Portland, ME)
CBEPCasco Bay Estuary Project (Portland, ME)
CBEPChild Benefit Extension Period (UK)
CBEPCommunity-Based Environmental Program
CBEPCommunity-Based Education Project (various locations)
CBEPCommunity-Based Employment Program
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The purpose of CBEP is to promote progress toward sustainability at the community level by "helping communities solve environmental problems in ways that integrate environmental, economic, and social objectives.
The CBEP program enhances the animal health system by providing modern lab facilities, equipment and training.
The DTRA has now awarded the next five-year phase of the CBEP in Ukraine.
He said that CBEP was launched aimed at provide quality education to the poor students of the province, adding students from 12 Baloch dominated districts and 6 district with Pashtun majority have been enrolled.
CBEP managers also point out that Peri & Sons' use of EDI for transaction reporting saves labor and helps reduce the company's cycle times.
We have received a tremendous response from CBEP participants and we look forward to sharing in the success of our 2005 CBEP award recipients.