CBERTChemical Biological Equipment Repair Team
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The CBERT also discovered that many of the M88 detectors showed signs of damaged, loose, or missing external screws, seals, caps, or covers that are essential for protecting the systems from environmental factors and for preventing water intrusion.
Many of the M88 detectors inspected by the CBERT exhibited physical damage.
Finally, the CBERT discovered that some of the M88 detector housings were heavily dented and that the chemical agent-resistant coating on some was severely abraded.
While M88 chemical agent detectors can be expected to exhibit wear and tear from employment on Strykers, the CBERT has encountered detectors that showed indications of water intrusion, detectors with missing external components, and detectors with severe physical damage during Stryker reset missions.
CBERT needs an accurate count of how much of each item you have.
CBERT will contact you with further instructions and requirements.
The best time for CBERT to visit is shortly after you return from SWA.