CBEXChina Beijing Equity Exchange
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The partnership between CBEX and CLTX is in its early stages and we look forward to announcing the details of our joint activities and developments during the course of the year," said Ma Li, Vice President of CBEX.
According to CBEX, the first auction will be held on March 8, in which 1,000 pieces of fou will be auctioned in package.
Over the past six months, CBEX has received thousands of telephone inquiries, and a lot of people have expressed their intention to bid for the fous.
Before the auction, Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) has, in the form of power of attorney, guaranteed to CBEX that the objects to be auctioned are the exact fous used at the opening ceremony, each having a unique special code used in the "Fou Array" at the opening ceremony.
Leaders from the initial 10 companies listed as investment opportunities on AAEE were present at the press conference and signed their listings into action in the presence of CBEX President, Xiong Yan, CBEX Vice President, Liang Yu and, AAEE President, Slenda Chan.
CBEX is a state-owned agency authorized by the Beijing municipal government and is the largest asset-trading platform in China with a nationwide service network.
BAE Systems employees sit on CBEX committees and are helping the school develop a Web site.
BAE Systems has been involved with CBEX since the organization was founded in 2006.