CBF1C Promoter Binding Factor 1 (cell biology)
CBF1Centromere Binding Factor 1 (microbiology)
CBF1Cell-Binding Factor 1
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Stockinger EJ, Gilmour SJ, Thomashow MF (1997) Arabidopsis thaliana CBF1 encodes an AP2 domain-containing transcription activator that binds to the C-repeat/DRE, a cis-acting DNA regulatory element that stimulates transcription in response to low temperature and water deficit.
Some typical chilling- induced genes (MAT1, LEA2, LEA4, USP7, COR413 and KIN7) and TFs (MYB1, CBF1 and CBF2) related to low temperature ere also screened out from the genome database (Supplemental Table 4).
However, it took 8 h for MYB2 up to highest change in respond to cold condition, and 12 hours for CBF1 and CBF2 (Fig.
Arabidopsis CBF1 overexpression induces COR genes and enhances freezing tolerance.