CBFLComputer-Based Functional Literacy
CBFLCrystal Ball Fantasy League
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Considering the software security flaws and advantages of both CBFL and program date slicing fault localization and combining with the theoretical basis of the analysis of program structure, we propose a fault localization solution CPSS (coverage and program structure slicing) based on program execution path structure data dependency analysis.
In this paper, based on Reverse Data Dependence Analysis Model to extract data dependencies between program statements by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the more generally applicable CBFL and program structure slicing method, for shortcomings, we proposed a new fault localization method CPSS while retaining the advantages.
Not surprisingly, this scheme failed to eventuate so the CBFL committee then announced its intention to sell part of its crown land grant in order to finance the construction of a building to be used exclusively for library purposes.
Of even greater significance was the fact that the BMIL was widely recognised as a remarkable institution and yet all the arguments put forward to develop the CBFL were based on the negative perceptions of the BMIL.