CBFMCommunity-Based Forest Management
CBFMCorporate Banking and Financial Markets
CBFMCommunity-Based Fisheries Management
CBFMConfederação Brasileira de Futebol de Mesa
CBFMCongresso Brasileiro de Física Médica
CBFMCharacteristic Basis Functions Method
CBFMInternational Society for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
CBFMClear Blue Fertility Monitor
CBFMCommunity-Based Flood Mitigation
CBFMComputational Bio-Fluid Mechanics Group (University of Leeds, UK)
CBFMCost Benefit Forecasting Model
CBFMComplete Boson-Fermion Model (of superconductivity)
CBFMCorrelation-Based Fingerprint Matching
CBFMCentral Banking & Fund Management
CBFMCertified Baby Massage Facilitator
CBFMComisión Brasileña de Filosofía Medieval
CBFMContinuous Boundary Flux Method
CBFMColloidal Borescope Flow Meter
CBFMClassical Barrier Function Method
CBFMCommunity Based Facilities Management
CBFMCurso Básico de Formação Militar
CBFMContent-Based Filtering Method
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Over the past year, CBFM conducted various energy audits for schools, mosques and government buildings.
Sampulna said the objective of CBFM program is to give farmers as Tenurial Instrument as stakeholders of our forest land instead of seeing them cut and burn trees thus, we are giving them livelihood projects.
The three general strategies of CBFM are well distributed to economic, political and cultural aspects (Table 4).
Constructing the Commons in a Logged-over Frontier Society: From the Views of Local People on the CBFM Program in the Philippines.
The researcher found some letters indicating a timetable for inspection of VNREC records in the Duru-Haitemba CBFM villages during the LAMP tenure.
However, the current forest policies are not explicitly designed to address food security concerns, and, by and large, the policy framework discourages communities from exploring and cultivating agro- ecologically sustainable food crops within CBFM.
A CBFM agreement is a production-sharing agreement between the DENR and a people's organization for a period of 25 years, renewable for another 25 years.
Under Ian Harfield CBFM has managed to increase its profits due to better efficiencies rather than higher prices.
Under this contract, CBFM will be responsible to provide full hard and soft facility management services such as operations and maintenance of electrical systems, HVAC and ventilation systems, fire and life systems, BMS, 24-hour MEP services, and also to manage the internal and external building fabric and structure.
Amado Roxas, federation chair of the people's organization tasked to manage the CBFM in the said villages, admitted that illegal fallen lauan logs were being secretly transported to a veneer processing plant based in Sta.
Among the major outputs of the congress will be the charting of a roadmap for the national CBFM-NGP network and the launching of the Partnership on Credit Facilities for the CBFM, between the DENR and the Land Bank of the Philippines.