CBFPCongo Basin Forest Partnership
CBFPClinic-Based Family Planning
CBFPChronic Biologically False Positive
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The principal vocation of the CBFP is to strengthen coordination
The CBFP operates as a network in which partners share data and
other than the CBFP facilitator; the current Chairmanship of COMIFAC;
A commonality between COMIFAC and CBFP is that both appear to
In summary, COMIFAC and CBFP ostensibly exist due to a consensus
which COMIFAC and CBFP can contribute to the goal of sustainable
Sustainable Development,' of which the CBFP belongs, represents a
the CBFP is more akin to an 'organ' of governance that is
Partnerships such as CBFP can be affected by unconstructive
USAID support to the CBFP provided the first use of the landscape concept in large scale practical interventions to integrate conservation and development but the underlying concept had been around for several decades (Noss 1983).
The initial focus of the CBFP was to develop spatial plans for each landscape which implied that long-term goals and influences were knowable at that time.
The bill provides for an increase in the announced level of annual support for this program, stating that $16 million each year is authorized for the on-going (CARPE), which will be the lead program through which the United States will participate in the CBFP.