CBGCColorado Baptist General Convention
CBGCCrowborough Beacon Golf Club (Crowborough, England, UK)
CBGCChesapeake Bay Golf Club (Maryland)
CBGCConnectivity-Based Garbage Collection
CBGCClose Brothers Growth Capital (UK)
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The CBGC is under no immediate threat but there is an almost complete lack of information on the breeding ecology of the globally threatened congeners, Sumatran and Bornean ground cuckoos, the latter of which is known to be similar to CBGC (Long and Collar 2002).
The CBGC nests at the Toronto Zoo were built by both adults and were comparable in dimensions to the nest we describe (Atkinson 1982) but, otherwise quantifying these nests is not appropriate due to necessary restrictions of captive birds.
there are few published data on CBGC diet or behavior.
Several of these were recorded visiting the CBGC nest.
Grant Curran at CBGC, said: ``We are delighted to make this investment in FAL, and believe that together we can continue to enhance the role of the forensic scientist within the criminal justice system.
Mr Kerr also said: 'The funding package put together by CBGC fits our needs exactly and will help us to continue our intended growth.