CBGPCommunity Based Growth Promotion (Canada)
CBGPConcrete Box Girder Prestressed (civil engineering)
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The CBGP testing reactors (Figure 2) were placed by 60 in electrically heated bath (38[grados]C).
A total of 120 different extrusion conditions were examined by CBGP test.
Also, a recent extension for a continuous treatment regime--the covariate balancing generalized propensity score, or the CBGPS (Fong et al., 2018)--allows for circumvention of the artificial dichotomization of our continuous treatment variables.
Because we have two continuous treatment variables (disagreement and expertise) for two discussion topics (the economy and immigration), a total of four CBGPS models were estimated.
Given two separately estimated CBGPS weights for disagreement and expertise, we opted to derive the joint weights (by multiplying the two CBGPS weights and then normalize the sum to 1) to estimate the joint marginal effects of disagreement and expertise in a single model specification.