CBHICommunity Based Health Insurance
CBHICentral Bureau of Health Intelligence (India)
CBHICentennial Bank Holdings, Inc. (Denver, CO)
CBHICommunity-Based Health Initiative
CBHICrypto-Based Host Identifier (computing)
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Based on the potential benefits of the CBHI scheme, the government of Tanzania officially introduced Community Health Fund (CHF) through Act No 1 of 2001.
The evidence includes examples from seven national or social insurance schemes, four public health insurance schemes, 11 CBHI schemes, and three examples of private coverage.
2009) used PSM and found that outpatient visits were 40 percent higher in the insured group compared with the uninsured for the CBHI scheme in Burkina Faso.
CBHI schemes can vary tremendously in terms of their design, management and the nature of the "communities" covered (see [1] for a review of 82 schemes).
CBHI mainly compile data collected through a system called Sample Registration System (SRS) (4) (6).
Our CBHI campus is contiguous with the Indiana University/Purdue University Campus and the newly constructed 155,000 square foot Herron School of Art.
The Indiana University/ Purdue Campus and Herron School of Art Is located near our CBHI campus In Indianapolis, Indiana.
Our CBHI cam pus is contiguous with the IUPUI campus and the newly constructed 155,000 sq.
CBHI and Hasbro, NERF's[R] parent company, reserve the right to substitute a prize for another of equal or greater value.
Our CBHI campus is contiguous with the IUPUI campus and the newly constructed 155,000 sq.
This summer, CBHI will offer soccer, golf, tennis, and basketball camps.
Increasing Heart Awareness Programs such as those sponsored by Riley Hospital and the CBHI are typical of current efforts to increase heart awareness among children.