CBIECanadian Bureau for International Education (Ottawa, ON)
CBIEClinical and Bioinformatic Engineering (Japan)
CBIEContinuing Biomedical Imaging Education (University of Malaya Medical Centre; Malaysia)
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The CBIE survey had 14,228 post-secondary international student respondents, representing four percent of the total for this cohort.
In: Anais do IV Congresso Brasileiro de Informatica na Educacao (CBIE 2015) e VIII Workshop sobre Avaliacao e Acompanhamento da Aprendizagem em Ambientes Virtuais (Wavalia 2015), p.
For example, CBIE (2015a) found that, since 2008, the province of PEI achieved the highest national growth rate in international student enrollments (23).
To that end, CIDA launched a $12 million, nine-year Policy Advice for Reform (PAR) Project, managed by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), a non-governmental organization specializing in the provision of international training and education for purposes of development.
The pair are launching a new cross-party organisation, the Centre for British Influence through Europe (CBIE), to make the "patriotic" case for British engagement.
Liberal Democrat peer Chris Rennard will join Clarke and Labour grandee Mandelson in fronting the Centre for British Influence through Europe (CBIE).
Ottawa: CBIE. Retrieved from http://www.cbie.ca/data/media/resources/2002_NationalReport_e.pdf
and Karcz, K.(1998), Modele zachowa gospodarstw domowych przedsibiorstw (lata 2000-2010), Katowice: CBiE.
As we can read in the statement made by this institution, supporting education brings numerous advantages and creates new opportunities for further internationalization of the Canadian education system (CBIE, 2011).