CBIMCenter for Business and Industrial Marketing (Atlanta, GA)
CBIMComputational Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling (Rutgers)
CBIMComputer-Based Interactive Multimedia
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I adopted the three CBIM models to teach econometrics and encouraged students to use econometrics as a platform to learn other subjects.
The CBIM model was applied for the last three years of the sample.
Both Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) and two Stage Least Squares (2SLS) are used to test the hypothesis that the application of CBIM changed students' performance.
where y is either ASME or ACSME; [x.sub.i] is a group of control variables including gender, student classes (junior and senior), travel distance from home, double majors and minors, and plans to attend graduate school after graduation; "Change" is the variable of interest in this analysis which equals "1" when CBIM is applied and "0" otherwise; c is the constant; and [mu] is the error term.
It demonstrates that the variable "Change" is negative and significant at 10% level and the average score of students is 4.93 points lower after CBIM was applied.
al: 259); men as 'powerful leaders' (CBIM 2005: 4); and men as 'active participants' (MASV: 3).
CBIM offers a mixed message when it suggests not to cat-call, but also notes that a pretty girl might still appreciate the sentiment (2005: 29).