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CBIRContent-Based Image Retrieval
CBIRContent-Based Information Retrieval
CBIRCross-Border Insolvency Regulations (UK)
CBIRCommunity Budget Issue Request
CBIRCreativity Based Information Resources (database; Buffalo State College)
CBIRCenter for Brain Injury and Repair (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)
CBIRCentre for Brain Injury Rehabilitation (Royal Victoria Hospital; Dundee, Scotland, UK)
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In a further blow to the common-law proposition, the court held that changing settled jurisdictional law "is a matter for the legislature and not for judicial innovation." (108) Lord Collins also stated that any recognition of foreign judgments "would be only to the detriment of United Kingdom businesses without any corresponding benefit." (109) He added that there would be no "serious injustice" by not extending the rules, noting that debtors could enter proceedings in England or their foreign representatives could pursue avoidance actions in England under Article 23 of the CBIR, which allows foreign representatives to make claims under the Insolvency Act of 1986.
In order to overcome the limitations enjoined by TBIR systems, CBIR was developed as an alternative.
Various literatures on CBIR exists in the research arena.
CBIR used some techniques, tools and algorithms which taken from some fields such as statistics, pattern recognition, signal processing and computer vision.
CBIR is used to search digital images in large databases using the image attributes like colors, shapes, textures, or any other information that may be derived from the image itself.
[T]he CBIR (and the Model Law) say nothing about the enforcement of foreign judgments against third parties.
The objective of any CBIR system is to satisfy the request of a user by the relevance of the results.
Las neuronas CBIR son de orientacion vertical en la corteza, se conocen como celulas de "double bouquet" (DB), se cree que son el fenotipo de interneurona mas abundante en la corteza de los primates (22).
The magazine bodies and green followers are made from a military-grade, proprietary polymer that is chemical, biological and impact resistant (CBIR).
Most leading academic institutions and many researchers of information-technology-giants focuses on having a general purpose and an efficient CBIR system which is used for searching large image collection.
Because of its good generalization ability and no requirement for prior knowledge about the data, it has been universally utilized as one of the most popular classifiers in various research areas, for example, face recognition, texture classification, content-based image retrieval (CBIR), and so forth.