CBMACanadian Brush Manufacturers Association
CBMACanadian Book Manufacturers' Association
CBMACertified Ballast Manufacturers Association (Cleveland, Ohio)
CBMACorner Brook Museum & Archives
CBMACore Business Mission Area (DoD)
CBMAConservation Business Managers Association
CBMAComplete Behavioral Model Analysis
CBMACertified Business Management Analyst
CBMACommon Brick Manufacturers Association (trade organization)
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While the CPBC and the CBMA were busy getting off the ground, Angelina Belluga was participating in a well-rounded training program for missionaries at the BMTS, including training in the further development of her remarkable musical gifts.
31) One year later, on April 1, 1978, inspired by Familiaran's exhortation, the minister members of the CBMA passed a resolution recommending the ordination of women to the CPBC Assembly.
Much work still remains to be done in improving attitudes and policies related to women's ordination and leadership, both in the CPBC and in the CBMA.
2 (October 2004): 87 and 91; and Jalando-on, "Baptist Pastors," Appendix, 2003 CBMA directory.
CBMA offers an affordable mortgage program for LMI borrowers through the Massachusetts Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now with below-market rates, liberal qualifying ratios, and lowdownpayment requirements.
Commenter also reiterated contentions made in connection with the Mellon proposal, based on press reports, that a CBMA branch might have wired money abroad on behalf of an organization suspected of funding al-Qaida.
24) In addition, examiners commended CBMA for innovative commercial lending programs, such as its $40 million commitment to provide below-market financing to small businesses in Boston's Enterprise Zone during a 10-year period.
In the 1999 Citizens Evaluations, examiners rated the investment activities of CBMA and CBRI as "high satisfactory" and those of CBCT and CBNH as "outstanding.
26) Except for CBMA, all the Citizens banks experienced a decline in the number of loans reported under HMDA in 2000 compared with 1999, but the aggregate lenders in each bank's assessment area also experienced similar declines during the same time period.