CBMCChristian Businessmen's Connection (est. 1930; various locations)
CBMCConfédération des Brasseurs du Marché Commun (French: Confederation of Common Market Brewers)
CBMCCircumstances beyond My Control
CBMCChildren's Book of the Month Club (online book sales)
CBMCCommunity Bank of Marion County (Florida)
CBMCCommunications Battlespace Management Course (US Air Force)
CBMCComputer-Based Management Communications
CBMCCondition-Based Maintenance Consortium (University of Toronto)
CBMCColorado Brick Marketing Council (Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute)
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CBMC [35] is a well-known Bounded Model Checker for AINCI C and C++ programs.
Chondrogenic pellets were generated using several cell sources: CBMC, PBMC, DF, and FLSs.
Isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and cord blood mononuclear cells (CBMC) was performed by using Ficoll density gradient centrifugation (Amersham, Freiburg, Germany).
The CBMC is providing technical, logistical and administrative support for the project.
Cord blood samples were collected for organochlorine and mercury analyses and also to isolate cord blood mononuclear cells (CBMCs) for the in vitro assessment of cytokine production and expression of surface markers after mitogenic stimulation (CD[4.sup.+]CD45R[O.sup.+], CD[8.sup.+]CD45R[O.sup.+], CD[3.sup.+]CD2[5.sup.+], and CD[8.sup.+]HLA-D[R.sup.+]).
The Brewers of Europe (CBMC) said Stockholm City Court's refusal on March 4 to grant an injunction to the Swedish Consumer Ombudsman to stop "Gourmet" magazine placing alcohol advertisements proves the ban obstructs trade.This judgement follows a March 2001 European Court of Justice ruling which found the ban may be incompatible with Articles 28 and 49 of the EC Treaty on the free movement of goods and services.After France, Sweden has some of the most stringent alcohol advertising laws in the EU.
However, the recommended changes, which affect certain categories of distribution agreements and the Commission's interpretation of price-fixing cartels, have come under attack from the CBMC, following a meeting held between Mr Van Miert and a group of SME Directors on March 12.The meeting tackled the changes expected to be made to the production-distribution network used by many brewers, following the introduction of the scrapped block exemption for breweries with more than 30% of the market.
Pubs and cafs will decline and consumers' choice of beer brands will be reduced if the current system of brewery contract is abolished, the CBMC Brewers of Europe lobby group said in a joint letter with HOTREC, the hotel and catering organisation, sent to Mr Van Miert, stresses that abolition of the system could jeopardise thousands of pubs and threaten a reduction in the numbers and quality of pubs, cafs and bars as well as an increase in their costs.
Paul Bergqvist has just been named as President of the CBMC, a confederation representing brewers in the EU.