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The books under CBMLC (Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues, with seventeen volumes) and EEA (English Episcopal Acta, with twenty-nine volumes), would be better listed separately, and while abbreviations like AD, AM, ASC, BC, BL, CC, CSL, EETS, MGH, MS, OMT, SH, SU, and UL might appear on an early page--although there is no need for those like AD and BC --a normal list of books and articles at the end of Volume ii would be more helpful for readers.
The format of the book is standard to CBMLC volumes: an Introduction is followed by a block of eight plates illustrative of different types of book records, and then by the catalogues themselves, which begin with the University Library and a description of its origins, its lists, its books, and its donors, followed by the itemized books.