CBMOCommunity Based Minority Organizations
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To demonstrate that AREG affects PICD in monocytes through engagement with EGFR and the involvement of gelatinase enzymes, we comparatively examined apoptosis of PBMO and CBMO (Figure 5).
Neutralization of EGFR resulted in a complete rescue of the suppressed PICD in AREG-stimulated monocytes and, more strikingly, selectively increased the PICD of infected, unstimulated CBMO but not PBMO (Figures 5(a) and 5(b)).
However, in line with our previous results, the proportion of CBMO that underwent PICD was found significantly increased upon AREG inhibition.
coli infection leads to TNF-[alpha] release, while PBMO displayed a distinctly increased TNF-[alpha] release compared to CBMO [48].
In line with the published literature, our data unveil 3-fold increased memFasL levels and 2-fold increased sFasL levels in response to infection in PBMO as compared to CBMO [45, 58, 59] which potentially contribute to the diminished PICD of neonatal monocytes (Figures 3(a) and 3(b)).