CBMPCaribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS (support foundation)
CBMPContra Body Movement Position (dance)
CBMPCommunity-Based Master's Project
CBMPCertified Business Management Professional (National Association of Business Management Professionals)
CBMPCompetence-Based Management Processes
CBMPCommunity-Based Mentoring Program (Los Angeles, CA)
CBMPCapacity Building Mileage Program (Women's Commission; Hong Kong)
CBMPCircumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (Canada)
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It is important and urgent for BC CBMP to better appreciate the process of transitioning in-house developed medical technologies from research & development to commercialization and clinical use.
BC CBMP was called Chance Laboratory of Biomedical Photonics when born in 1997 as the first laboratory for Biomedical Photonics research in China.
IASOA1 for atmosphere, GCW for cryosphere, CBMP for biodiversity, SAON for international observing activity) * Funded projects and PI initiatives lead to bottom-up development of focused or discipline-based observing networks * Ad-hoc meetings by agencies to assess funding or institutional support needs Tactics * Synthesis forums (e.