CBMWCCardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre (New Quay, Liverpool, UK)
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And then last week the crew of CBMWC's research vessel Anna Lloyd watched in astonishment as three dolphins repeatedly attacked a porpoise, forcing it underwater then throwing it in the air only yards from the boat.
CBMWC's science officer Sarah Perry said that bottlenose dolphins have long been known to attack porpoises, but until recently it was rare actually to see it happening in Cardigan Bay.
One of the dolphins, known by CBMWC researchers as 056, is a regular visitor to Cardigan Bay.
Rachel Lambert, a volunteer for Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre (CBMWC) watched the drama unfolding just 400 metres away with her binoculars.
Steve Hartley, CBMWC's founder said he'd never heard of anything like this in Welsh waters.
Nadine Winkler, a volunteer at the CBMWC said: "We now have 248 resident bottlenose dolphins that we have photo identified in Cardigan Bay and over 400 harbour porpoises offshore.