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CBNTCertified Broadcast Networking Technologist
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* Gary Kline, CBT, CBNT -- Senior VP Corporate Engineering & IT, Cumulus Media, Atlanta, Ga.
* Ched Keiler, CPBE, 8-VSB, CBNT -- Broadcasting Consultant, Ft.
Several perovskite materials, such as Sr[Bi.sub.4][Ti.sub.4][O.sub.15] (SBT) [10], ([Ba.sub.0.7][Sr.sub.0.3])([Ti.sub.0.9][Zr.sub.0.1])[O.sub.3] [11], Ca[Bi.sub.4][Ti.sub.4][O.sub.i5] (CBT) [12, 13], Ca[Bi.sub.4-x][Nd.sub.x][Ti.sub.4][O.sub.15](CBNT) [14], and [Ca.sub.1-x][La.sub.x][Bi.sub.4](TiQ9WQ1)4O15 (CLBtW) [15], have been developed and investigated recently.