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As the result of scientific substantiation of CBNU and geoplanning of rural area at the level of the region, there was a method offered, as well as principles and criteria of nature management, type design of basinal structures was performed under target indices groups, measures on ecological sanitation and rational economic use of the territory developed, including events of biologization of the fields, increase of melliferous capacity, defining areas for natural self-restoration, plans of rational economic and recreational use of water objects developed, as well as optimization of ground roads networks.
Ecological monitoring based on CBNU projects is the most efficient, as the basins have objective boundaries and functional integral circularity of migration water flows, as well as dissolved solid substances.
As to geoplanning from CBNU position, the rotation areas in cultivated lands are differentiated and their shares are in the summary allocated as follows: field 71 %, seed and grass 23 %, soil-protective 7 %.
Stabilization of the ecological situation of the region was reached by means of reallocation of the types of lands and change of their mode of use, and the efficiency of geoplanning based on CBNU was evaluated under the target indices and indicators.
Realization of the developed concept of geoplanning under principles of CBNU will be able to provide high ecological and economic effectiveness of land using of the fields of Belgorod region.
The integral approach to geoplanning of rural areas based on CBNU used for one of the Russian regions, has shown its efficiency in providing ecological and economic optimum of agricultural sphere development.