CBOACalifornia Basketball Officials Association (est. 1918)
CBOACalgary Basketball Officials Association (Canada)
CBOAChicago Board Options Exchange
CBOACommand Board of Advisors
CBOACanara Bank Officers' Association (Mumbai, India)
CBOACrude Born-Oppenheimer Approximation
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Hybrid of graphic and text in EULS are organized into CBOAS to meet the magnificent objective.
Therefore, the procedure of CBOAS is designed by reusing the procedure of CEO and CEOAS.
8(b) displays the EC of CBOAS that is made from CEO or CEOAS.
In accordance with the EC made by CEO or CEOAS, the model of CBOAS is made as follows:
The former applies CBOAS to cooperate CEOAS and the latter applies merely CEO.
The reused procedures include CBOAS and CEOAS that are respectively described in Section III.B and III.C.
Based on the model of CBOAS and CEOAS, the model of CTOAS is derived as follows:
where [O.sub.i], [A.sub.j], [S.sub.k], [O.sub.m], [A.sub.n] are elements in CBOAS, [O.sub.o] is a set of objects, [A.sub.p] is a set of attributes, [S.sub.q] is a set of sub-attributes in CEOAS and E[C.sub.1], E[C.sub.2],..., E[C.sub.t] is a set of EC.
11 individually shows the synthesizing software sizes via CEO, CEOAS, CBOAS and CTOAS.
Table II lists the results of CEO, CEOAS, CBOAS and CTOAS for EULS.