CBOBCan't Build on Bad (expression)
CBOBChampion Beer of Britain (CAMRA Award for the Best Beer Ale in Britain)
CBOBConventional Blendstock for Oxygenate Blending (gasoline production)
CBOBCentral Bank of the Bahamas
CBOBCollege Battle of the Bands (competition; various universities)
CBOBChildren Beyond Our Borders
CBOBClassic Bobtail (aka Commander Bobtail; Dan Wesson Firearms; handgun)
CBOBCompact Binary-Tree on Binary-Tree
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The first of its kind in the world, the Reliability zone of the centre monitors and evaluates the performance of all SIG CBOB's lines across all clusters, enabling remote service.
Martin Schmedes, Marketing & Strategy director MEA for SIG CBOB added: "The creation of the IRC is in direct response to a range of key production demands, such as the leverage of connectivity between information technology and shop floor operations, the adaptation of production processes for each product, quickly and efficiently, and the optimisation of overall equipment effectiveness and the reduction of operational costs.
The opening of the IRC coincides with SIG CBOB's participation in Gulfood Manufacturing, running until 8 November at the Dubai World Trade Centre, where visitors are able to see their differentiated product designs, smart filling plants and digitally interactive packs.
Denatured ethanol and CBOB were blended on a volumetric basis, with the mass of the components and final blend recorded.
This method was also used to determine the hydrocarbon composition of the E85 field samples and the CBOB used in the laboratory blends.
A BOB made from conventional gasoline components (as opposed to reformulated gasoline components) is referred to as "CBOB".
Thus, it appeared likely that an [E.sub.d]75 winter fuel blended only with CBOB would likely have inadequate volatility such that the practical upper limit for ethanol content would be less than the limit specified in the standard.
In the modified LP model run, the optimized properties of the LOF and CBOB regular blend are shown in Table 4.
As a result, the introduction of the LOF to replace 15% of the CBOB regular production only decreases the refinery's overall efficiency slightly by 0.03 percentage point.
An aggregated LP model representing the US PADD III refinery industry is configured to produce the LOF with a RON of at least 70 at a production rate of 15% of the CBOB regular.
At the refinery level, the introduction of the LOF to replace 15% of the CBOB regular production reduces the throughput of the catalytic reforming and leads to less utility consumption, higher finished product volumes and lower operating costs, increasing the refinery margins without any additional capital investment.
Hobson's Mild (3.8% ABV), the new CBoB, is from Shropshire and described in the Good Beer Guide as: "A classic mild.