CBODCarbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand
CBODConfirm Business Object Document (Oracle)
CBODChemical and Biological Oxygen Demand (waste water treatment)
CBODCorporate Board of Directors
CBODChapter Board of Directors (various organizations)
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Although GeScAL allows modeling eutrophication, temperature, toxics and conventional contaminants, in our case, due to the lack of data and planning purpose of the study, the contaminants modeled were DO, CBOD, organic nitrogen, ammonia, nitrate and total phosphorus.
Similarly, Daily (1995) showed that a higher number of outsiders and an independent CBOD, both indicators of BOD power, are positively associated with organizational success.
- Percent of suspended solids removed - Percent of CBOD removed - Percent of time NH-N limits achieved (seasonal variation) - Percent of time turbidity requirements are met - Percent disinfection meets regulatory requirements - Percent of pH values between 6 and 9
She mentioned the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distribution (CBOD), Ernest Chemist, Special Ice, William Owuraku Aidoo, Deputy Minister of Energy who doubles as the Member for Afigya Kwabre South, and Mr.
The lab also measures fecal coliform, total solids, total suspended solids, volatile acids, CBOD and total phosphorus on a daily basis for the Water Pollution Control Division, which comprises the wastewater treatment and industrial pretreatment plants.
Formerly, effluent CBOD (carbonaceous BOD) limits were consistently achieved at the solids retention time (SRT) of 1.5 days in summer and 2.5 days in winter.
Environmental Protection Agency-based BOD5 and CBOD testing.