CBOLConsortium for the Barcode of Life
CBOLChild Benefit Online (UK)
CBOLCollege of Business and Organizational Leadership (Concordia University; St. Paul, MN)
CBOLInternational Conference on the Barcode of Life (Barcode of Life Initiative)
CBOLClub Brancard on Line (France)
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Launched in May 2004, CBOL now includes more than 120 organizations from 45 nations.
BOLD also partners with other public reference libraries which include CBOL [Consortium for the Barcode of Life], IBOL [International Barcode of Life (http://www.ibol.org)], GBIF [Global Biodiversity Information Facility (http://www.gbif.org)], and NCBI GenBank [National Centre for Biotechnology Information (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)].
The use of multi-locus DNA barcoding has been recommended from the inception of barcoding as a method for identification in plants (CBOL Plant Working Group 2009; Fazekas et al.
The gene encoding the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase 1 (CO1, or coxl) was proposed as the DNA barcode region in animals (5,6) and then adopted by the Consortium for the Barcode of Life (CBOL) as the default barcode for all groups (12).
We apply several metrics to evaluate the efficiency of the matK and rbcL barcodes and, for the bamboos, that of the plastid spacer psbI-K, which was one of the candidate barcode loci evaluated by CBOL.
CBOL uses the cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 gene (CO1) from the mitochondrial genome because it provides 95% accuracy of identification for animals, and there are just a few groups without enough variability.
"DNA barcoding will make a huge difference to our knowledge and understanding of the natural world," said Dr Scott Miller, the chairman of the CBOL. "The Barcode of Life initiative aims to complement existing taxonomic practice--to build on it and expand its power and use."
The overall project is being co-ordinated by the Consortium for the Barcode of Life (CBOL), which will bring together experts from fields such as taxonomy - the classification of living organisms - and information management.
Col.) from fat; 33 g protein; 45 g fat (23 g sat.); 49 g carbo (4 g fiber); 818 mg sodium; 170 nig cbol.
The combination of rbcL and matK was proposed as a core barcode to identify land plants by CBOL Plant Working Group (2009).
El DNA barcoding es una nueva tecnica de diagnostico molecular que emplea una corta secuencia de DNA para la identificacion a nivel de especie (CBOL: www.barcoding.si.edu).
Change of identification of the Registry of manufacturers and importers of plastic bags: As of the week of April 14, the Registry of manufacturers and importers of plastic bags will be identified in VUCE as RBOL (instead of CBOL as it was before).