CBoMCommonwealth Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)
CBoMCanadian Board of Occupational Medicine
CBoMCittern, Bouzouki, Octave Mandolin (instrument types)
CBoMCentral Bank of Oman (Ruwi, Oman)
CBoMConstruction Bill Of Materials
CBoMConfiguration Bill Of Materials
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We determined the nitrogen and carbon content and C:N ratios (mass basis) on subsamples (n = 2) of dried and pooled material from each of the dominant biomass compartments (wood and leaf CBOM, FBOM, SPOM, epilithon, and bryophytes) and each of the common macroinvertebrate taxa (Carlo Erba NA 1500 CN analyzer, Carlo Erba Instruments, Milan, Italy).
Samples of CBOM (wood and leaves separately) and surface FBOM were collected from six locations in the study reach on day 37 of the [N.
14] were determined on samples of epilithon, bryophytes, CBOM (wood and leaves separately), FBOM, SPOM, and the dominant consumer organisms collected weekly at each station during the [N.
15] for microbial biomass associated with CBOM and FBOM were determined on the samples collected on day 37 using the chloroform fumigation procedure as described above for microbial N analysis, followed by a nitrate reduction--alkaline diffusion procedure for isolating nitrogen in the digested extract samples for [N.
02) related to total organic matter standing crop (FBOM and CBOM, including moss, leaf litter, and woody debris) on bedrock substrates.
CBOM Finance will use the proceeds from the issue to finance a senior unsecured loan to Russian Credit Bank of Moscow, rated B+ with a "stable" outlook and will only pay noteholders principal and interest received from the bank.
CBOM bears long-term foreign and local currency issuer default ratings (IDRs) of B+ with a "stable" outlook, a short-term foreign currency IDR of B, an individual rating of D, a support rating of 5 and a support rating floor of "no floor".