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CBOXCoulomb-Born Approximation with No Exchange
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Sloan Foundation, CBOX is a powerful tool designed for community engagement.
CBOX is the backbone of many academic institution learning commons, such as CUNY (commons.gc.cuny.edu); organizations, such as the Modern Language Association (MLA; mla.hcommons.org); those involved in digital humanities projects, including Humanities Commons (hcommons.org), Texas Digital Humanities Consortium (txdhc.org), and NYCDH for DHers (Digital Humanities people) across the wider New York City region (nycdh.org); and other discipline-specific commons, such as archaeology (commons.digitalarchaeology.msu.edu) from Michigan State University and history (digitalhistorians.org) from George Mason University.
Having the skill sets to set up CBOX so that users can blog, access repositories, use wiki resources, build personal pages, create and manage groups, and engage in discussion forums is not nearly as important as deciding to take the plunge, giving students, faculty, and members the ability to blog and design websites themselves.
By default, the data packet will be processed by first-come first-serve (FCFS) in the CBox using the conventional method as in Figure 6(a).
In both scenarios, CBox is responsible as an events logger as well as a gateway to the outside world i.e.
In this particular set-up, each sensor node exposes their services directly to each other without the CBox coordination.
If you're streaming a lecture or similar presentation, consider a system such as Winnov's Cbox encoder series, which can accept multiple video and digital visual interface (DVI) input from another computer, which is often used to stream a PowerPoint presentation or software demonstration.
In between are lecture capture stations such as the Winnov Cbox P2 HD that can input multiple A/V inputs, including screens from other computers for PowerPoint and software presentations, and format them for transmitting to a streaming service or for distribution to a range of desktop and mobile devices.