CBPCCorn Belt Power Cooperative
CBPCCoded Block Pattern for Chrominance
CBPCCrescent Beach Photography Club (Canada)
CBPCCharter Business Performance Center
CBPCCap-Binding Protein Complex
CBPCCheck B'raise Poker Club (France)
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For instance, one of the ways the Chinese government is working to mitigate the negative effects of air pollution is by turning to green alternatives such as CBPC coatings, which are inorganic and non-toxic, so there are no VOCs, no HAPs and no odor.
With atmospheric corrosion a perennial problem for oil and gas facilities with massive carbon steel structures, the utilization of CBPC coatings that can control corrosion for decades will only help the bottom line.
6426(h), no unit of fuel may receive both the AFMC and the CBPC.
In July 2010, the IRS concluded that taxpayers who had claimed the AFMC could repay any amounts received under that credit and file for the CBPC.
87, a taxpayer who is filing an amended return converting an AFMC into a CBPC must take a similar amount into gross income for the year in which the taxpayer qualifies for the credit, regardless of any limitations on the taxpayer's ability to currently use the credit.
With the new CBPC EonCoat, it is UV resistant and only requires a one step application.
It is important to note that EonCoat is unique in the CBPC world because it contains zero VOCs which means it has no toxic chemicals and is safe to apply in environmentally sensitive areas.
A new category of CBPCs such as EonCoat, for instance, is now basically making this possible.
Voter resistance to tax increases was perceived by the CBPC and the select board as a critical problem, and they considered it imperative that any proposed financing plan minimize the tax rate in order to be acceptable.
The CBPC is clearly in command of overall policy strategies and is able to establish specific capital service goals.
Albans' CBPC and select board with a planning tool to help them evaluate their options and make the decisions which were best for them.
With the advent of CBPCs, the agency has alerted its staff to their responsibilities and its ability to support them in developing and maintaining their portfolios.