CBRAMControlled Partial Rebreathing-Anesthesia Method
CBRAMConductive Bridging RAD (Random-Access Memory)
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The TDRM24C512C-L uses Adesto Technologies' proprietary CBRAM (Conductive Bridging RAM) technology and provides system designers a faster and lower power alternative to legacy serial EEPROMs.
The first ten programming cycles (set/reset) of the CBRAM cell are shown in Figure 4.
To validate the implementation of the CBRAM cell on a RF circuit, a 50 Q characteristic impedance microstrip line has been used as shown in Figure 3(b), where a switch has been performed at the center of the line (see Figure 3(c)).
In this way, a difference of potential was applied between the inner conductors of the two coaxial lines of the VNA, that is, between the two metal electrodes of the CBRAM cell.
The results are encouraging and can be used to solve the problem of CBRAM integration on to PCB.
Muller, "Conductive bridging RAM (CBRAM): An emerging non-volatile memory technology scalable to sub 20 nm," IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, IEDM Technical Digest, 754-757, 2005.
Since our design kit release in June 2012, we have supported several customers' projects with embedded CBRAM. Based on our long- term partnership with Adesto and Altis experience on innovative technology developments, this new generation of eCBRAM is providing major enhancements to address our customer's needs.
Our partnership with Altis has helped us to make steady progress in the development of CBRAM technology, said Narbeh Derhacobian, CEO of Adesto Technologies.
CBRAM is an ultra-low power, CMOS compatible non-volatile memory that is customized for a wide range of discrete and embedded markets.
"The unique mechanism of data storage employed in CBRAM technology protects the data from the effects experienced by traditional nonvolatile memories when exposed to irradiation," said Ishai Naveh, vice president of marketing, Adesto.