CBRCChina Banking Regulatory Commission
CBRCComputational Biology Research Center (Japan)
CBRCCentral Bank of the Republic of China
CBRCCutaneous Biology Research Center
CBRCCanadian Business Resource Centre
CBRCCopenhagen Brain Research Center
CBRCColorado Business Resource Center
CBRCColorado Bird Records Committee (Colorado Field Ornithologists; Boulder, CO)
CBRCCombat Brigade Refresher Course
CBRCCare-Based Revenue Cycle (Quadramed Corporation)
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Twenty-six recorded species originated from the website of China Bird Report Center (CBRC), thirty species were included based on unpublished internal materials, and one species was reported by bird banding.
CBRC Dream Theater is a fully air-conditioned, 250-seater cinema, with 4k projection unit, a 5000-lumens projector, and a 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Stereo, putting it at par with modern micro-cinemas.
The merger of the CBRC and CIRC will create an entity that will report directly to the State Council.
The entrusted loan business, which normally involves companies providing finance to each other with banks acting as intermediaries, has seen 'certain potential risk hazards' due to rapid growth and a lack of regulation, according to the CBRC statement.
The CBRC reiterated its commitment to tackling these risks in late September, emphasising its role in identifying threats and implementing necessary mitigating measures.
In accordance with the Prospectus, the Company was rated "Class A" (the highest rating attainable) in the industry-wide rating organized by the China Trustee Association under the supervision of the CBRC for the years of 2015 and 2016 based on comprehensive assessment of the capital strength, risk management, incremental value and social responsibility.
CCT-BGC, established by CCT and BGC, is the first money broking company created by CBRC in Beijing.
According to the report, the CBRC evaluated the brands' popularity by surveying a total of 13,500 people between the age group of 15 and 60.
"All (CBRC) offices, supervisory departments, must organise stress tests of banking institutions in a timely manner so as to analyse the impact of unfavourable situations in individual banks and the banking system and urge banking financial institutions to make emergency plans," the regulator was quoted as saying in guidelines sent to banks in March.
He is based in CBRC's headquarters in midtown Manhattan.
At the end of October FSC inked the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with CBRC for cooperation in offshore wealth management.
Summary: DUBAI - The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), this week, entered into a supplementary agreement on co-operation with the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC).