CBRGComputational Biochemistry Research Group (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule)
CBRGCancer Biomarkers Research Group (National Cancer Institute; Rockville, MD)
CBRGComputational Biomechanics Research Group (skeletal morphology)
CBRGContext-Based Research Group
CBRGCost Benefit Review Group
CBRGChristchurch Brain Research Group (est. 1998; New Zealand)
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In 1997, CBRG members began clearing an eight metre by ten metre area in the core of the former bog.
Learning from these results, the CBRG has continued its work, excavating and replanting new areas of the former bog according to its members' developing understanding of bog ecology.
From the first, the CBRG acknowledged that its small-scale, low-cost volunteer efforts had more to do with changing attitudes toward than producing economic benefits from the bog.