CBRMCommunity-Based Resource Management (various locations)
CBRMCape Breton Regional Municipality (Canada)
CBRMCharger/Battery/Regulator Module
CBRMCommunications Billing and Revenue Management (Oracle)
CBRMCertified Business Resilience Manager
CBRMCluster Based Replica Management (mobile networks)
CBRMCommando Brigade Royal Marines (UK)
CBRMCondition-Based Risk Management
CBRMCorporate & Business Relations Manager
CBRMChillicothe-Brunswick Railway
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Interestingly, CBRM proposes intraperiod income tax allocation of total income periodic tax expense among the three activity classes.
The detailed analyses of the amounts or changes in reported items in both CBRM statements apply the objective given at the onset of this section--investors need to understand how a company achieved its reported performance--and look behind the aggregations prevalent in financial reports.
The previous discussion examined two disaggregation structures contained in the CBRM and the FASB discussion paper.
The CBRM approach urges disaggregation first by category of business activities--operating, investing, and financing--net of related income taxes, and then by line item in each category, adding details about accrual transactions, estimates, and revaluations.
Using the CBRM and FASB/IASB reports, the CS disclosures, and the cash/accrual separation, Table 8 displays the different types and levels of disaggregation.
For example, the CBRM eliminates functional reporting and reports by natural classes, but the FASB proposal reports by functional area with natural class subcategories.
Similarly, with general agreement on the importance of clearly distinguishing between recurring and nonrecurring items, CS does this much better than CBRM and the FASB's DP.
want to achieve the coveted CBRM credential to meet a growing demand across all business sectors and industries to unlock the business value attained through effective business partnering and BRM capability advancement.
The use of CBRM skills and techniques in the workplace will position certified professionals for success in transforming their business operations into strategic business partners with shared focus on enhanced business value results.
He noted that the CBRM has been doing little more than band aid fixes for years, with double digit unemployment, and already increased tax rates.